A little bit of home home in my new home..

So whoever said Hong Kong doesn’t get cold lied! Thankfully, I am a knitwear fanatic and as the temperature dropped to a crazy 7 degrees this weekend, I ran straight for my chunky cardi and It sure felt like I was back at home in London!

Starvin’ marvin’ and wondering what to gobble for lunch, Sagar and I agreed that the cold weather was the perfect excuse to try some British inspired lunch. Aberdeen Street Social located at the PMQ (Police Married Quarters) on Aberdeen Street has been recommended by many and after doing some research I was pleased to discover that the menu was created by British Michelin-star chef, Jason Atherton.

Upon arrival we were greeted by the hostess who kindly explained that the restaurant was busy but if we were happy to wait, could order a drink and take a seat outdoors in the terrace area. After seeing the scrumptious selections on the all day menu (homemade sausage rolls, mac n cheese and minestrone soup? Hello!) there was no way Sagar and I were leaving, so we made a swift move to the seats beneath the patio heaters and waited patiently for our order of drinks and spiced peanuts to snack on in the meantime. The terrace was lovely as were the views of the landscaped garden. I can only imagine it gets really popular during the summer days. Even on a day like this, people were queuing to get their hearty British fix.

After a short ten minute wait, we were shown to our seats inside the restaurant and I let out a sigh of relief as I felt the warmth. Brr, far too cold! Even after living in the UK for the majority of my life, how was I feeling so frozen? Because ‘climatizing’ is real people! (and expat problems are becoming VERY real right now #firstworldproblems)

It took me a whole two minutes to decide what I wanted from the menu.. One thing you will learn (if you’ve not already from my zillion and one food pics on my Instagram account! *facepalm*) is that for a petite girl, I SURE CAN EAT!! I am a total foodie in the best of situations but when Im hungry? Jheez, I get hangry! Fortunately, there was no need for that crazy side to appear today as the waitresses were so attentive to my needs.

” A glass of prosecco and your lobster roll please” Eeek. The happiness on my face was real!! Did somebody say cheeeeese! 😀 Sagar and I (typically!) discussed whether it would be as good as the lobster rolls we devoured in London at Burger and Lobster; my absolute fav! I try my best not to compare things to home but sometimes it just gets the better of me.

I noticed that the cafe-esque restaurant was never empty and the sound of chit chatter in the background along with the cocktail shakers behind me, made for a relaxing ambience.

The interior was dark, polished and sleek and upon entering, I couldn’t help but stare at the strange piece of spectacular art on the wall. ” I wander what that is”, I asked Sagar. It looked great but what was it for? As the waitress approached, I asked and she simply replied “Its a piece of art for you all to enjoy”. So after some research (aka google), It turns out this wonderfully inquisitive creation is a piece of art from a local artist named Adrian Wong. Good for you Adrian, I love it! Geometric shapes, brass and rustic textures – I wish I had a picture for you all, but the food was placed on my table and I quickly got distracted (I wasn’t lying when I said I get hangry.) Hey, atleast I managed to get a picture of my order….

IMG_7891          IMG_8016

There was a healthy offering of lobster and the toasted brioche, although a little too toasted for me, tasted marvellous. I will definitely be coming back. If not for the ambience and the great hosting then 100% for the Lincolnshire sausages with mash and onion gravy! I sure have found a little bit of home home in my new home 🙂 (and my tummy is SO thankful!!)



Ps – I must note, that any restaurant reviews I include on this blog are my honest, tried and tested opinions and I do not get paid by the restaurants. So if you’re reading this and wondering if I lied to get free grub, honestly I didn’t. Go try it for yourself, you won’t be disappointed :p

Farewell London, Hello Hong Kong

November 3rd 2015: Tears, goodbyes and celebratory bubbles

After countless leaving parties, dinners and cocktail nights, my husband Sagar and I finally set off on our new adventure! Only six months into our marriage and life had already presented us with an unexpected yet wonderful opportunity to move to the Fragrant Harbour. With our four suitcases (and some) in tow, we set off to the airport and after what seemed like hours of crying, we finally said our goodbyes, checked in and and headed straight to the next destination- the bar! I was in dire need of a strong drink. It wasnt until I had arrived at the airport that it really hit home that we were moving millions of miles away from our nearest and dearest; the ones we lean on during the hard times and the ones who are there to party with us during the good times. But there was also that niggle in the back of my mind, you know the type you can’t ignore? The voice that told me we were beyond fortunate to have this chance at living in one of the most amazing places in the world not to mention the countless exotic destinations in close proximity.

Sky Garden View


So I dried off those tears, put on my happy face, bid farewell to London and made a toast to an adventure of a lifetime!




November 4th: The eagles have landed!

After a pleasant flight (filled with lots of snacks and plenty of fizz – thanks Virgin!) we finally arrived in the land of dim sum! The views from our serviced apartment were enough to make our jaws drop and we sat in amazement as we watched the light show from our room.

HK Skyline


My mind was whizzing in disbelief – This is my new home!




Feeling absolutely starved we decided to head out and find some local cuisine. Fortunately, there was a shopping plaza not far from our apartment and we went straight for the Szechuan Restaurant.

“Everybody seems to be heading there, it must be great”.

Oh, those famous words! Sagar and I sat as we watched food being delivered to every table that arrived after us, wondering why nobody had even come to take our order. As our tummies grumbled more with impatience, we soon realised that people were raising their hands to get the waiters attention; reminding me of how we did at school when trying to get the teachers attention. New country, new customs… Here goes! I raised my hand and to much delight the waitress arrived. She wasn’t the best with English but we exchanged enough to order (what we thought we would enjoy) from the menu. Little did we know that everything would be so spicy!!!! If I recall rightly, we managed to enjoy one dish out of three (kung pow chicken – which we only ordered because Sagar had remembered seeing it in one of the restaurants at home! haha)



How did we get it so wrong? Why was everyone else ordering different things to us? So many questions and so much confusion along with a fuzzy, heavy jet lagged head. Yup, it was definitely time to hit the sack and as we settled in for the night we agreed that we were in for a long ride (or so we thought!) whilst settling into our new home, the 852.

A little about me….

Welcome to Faraway Fish Tales and thank you for stopping by.

I’m Hira, a twenty-something Piscean and in 2011 I took a GIANT leap of faith (seriously.. that sh** cray!) Having never left home (U.K) before, flying half away across the world to New York City, was by far the most exciting, courageous (and bloody scariest!) thing I had ever done. From this day on life changed, and more importantly, I changed. This unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience helped me grieve for my late mother, led my paths to cross with countless inspiring and magical people (including the chap I now call my husband), challenged me to grow and in return, taught me one surprising lesson; that I wasn’t such a home girl after all.

*Queue Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind *

It has been just two months since my husband and I moved to Hong Kong and so I decided it was time to create this blog to share my travel tales and photography, as well as my tried and tested recommendations for restaurants and bars and to explore all things culture and lifestyle.

I hope you will join me in this roller coaster ride that we call life because I’ll be bloggin’ all the way!

Thank you and welcome to Faraway Fish Tales.