A little about me….

Welcome to Faraway Fish Tales and thank you for stopping by.

I’m Hira, a twenty-something Piscean and in 2011 I took a GIANT leap of faith (seriously.. that sh** cray!) Having never left home (U.K) before, flying half away across the world to New York City, was by far the most exciting, courageous (and bloody scariest!) thing I had ever done. From this day on life changed, and more importantly, I changed. This unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience helped me grieve for my late mother, led my paths to cross with countless inspiring and magical people (including the chap I now call my husband), challenged me to grow and in return, taught me one surprising lesson; that I wasn’t such a home girl after all.

*Queue Alicia Keys, Empire State of Mind *

It has been just two months since my husband and I moved to Hong Kong and so I decided it was time to create this blog to share my travel tales and photography, as well as my tried and tested recommendations for restaurants and bars and to explore all things culture and lifestyle.

I hope you will join me in this roller coaster ride that we call life because I’ll be bloggin’ all the way!

Thank you and welcome to Faraway Fish Tales.

Author: Hira Desai

Hira Desai is the founder and owner of farawayfishtales.com and Instagram feed @farawayfishtales

7 thoughts on “A little about me….”

    1. Thank you Rakhi! I am so glad you enjoyed the first two posts. There will be more coming shortly. If you have any suggestions, or things you would like me to write about, Im more than happy to explore! 🙂


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