Ko Lanta – Thailand’s paradise island

The fourth and final post on My Thailand Travel Diary takes us to Ko Lanta, a set of two Islands just south of Thailand and the absolute all round destination. The two islands named Ko Lanta Noi (Small Lanta Island) and Ko Lanta Yai (Big Lanta Island) are very well known for their long sandy white beaches and for its diving, very similar to its neighbouring island, Krabi.

During our trip here, we stayed at the  Layana Resort and Spa. There are absolutely no words to describe this place other than this how I imagine heaven to be 😮 Lush green fields which last for miles and miles, the incredible infinity pool and jacuzzi along with the fantastic customer service from the staff. The thai people are so humble, friendly and welcoming.




It’s fair to say I spent the majority of my days here reading, watching the sunset, drinking cocktails or enjoying the beach parties in full swing with the best happy hour, barbecue and even fire blowers!




That said, I am a cabin fever sufferer (if that is even a real word?!) AKA not being able to spend too much time in one place. And so for this reason, Lanta Old Town was the perfect adventure!! Jumping onto the tuk tuk we headed off! Upon arrival I was pretty speechless. Having not done much research beforehand, I felt like I had taken a step back in time. I learnt that Lanta Old Town is known for its traditional Thai wooden houses on stilts and it’s magical and historical feel. Oh and the seafood! My oh my, the seafood was to die for! It has a fishermen’s village vibe and the local restaurants provide only the freshest from their daily catch.


IMG_7895 IMG_7887


So if you are looking for the absolute sanctuary on a stunning beach front resort which promotes nothing but absolute peace (adults only here), harmony and downtime, this is the place for you! Layana Resort and Spa exceeded expectations and was the absolute PERFECT way to end our time spent travelling around Thailand. I loved it so much that it’s down on my bucket list of places to revisit. Go on, google it and book it, you know you want to 🙂


..Stay tuned for my next blog post following my recent trip to Hanoi 🙂



Author: Hira Desai

Hira Desai is the founder and owner of farawayfishtales.com and Instagram feed @farawayfishtales

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