Farewell London, Hello Hong Kong

November 3rd 2015: Tears, goodbyes and celebratory bubbles

After countless leaving parties, dinners and cocktail nights, my husband Sagar and I finally set off on our new adventure! Only six months into our marriage and life had already presented us with an unexpected yet wonderful opportunity to move to the Fragrant Harbour. With our four suitcases (and some) in tow, we set off to the airport and after what seemed like hours of crying, we finally said our goodbyes, checked in and and headed straight to the next destination- the bar! I was in dire need of a strong drink. It wasnt until I had arrived at the airport that it really hit home that we were moving millions of miles away from our nearest and dearest; the ones we lean on during the hard times and the ones who are there to party with us during the good times. But there was also that niggle in the back of my mind, you know the type you can’t ignore? The voice that told me we were beyond fortunate to have this chance at living in one of the most amazing places in the world not to mention the countless exotic destinations in close proximity.

Sky Garden View


So I dried off those tears, put on my happy face, bid farewell to London and made a toast to an adventure of a lifetime!




November 4th: The eagles have landed!

After a pleasant flight (filled with lots of snacks and plenty of fizz – thanks Virgin!) we finally arrived in the land of dim sum! The views from our serviced apartment were enough to make our jaws drop and we sat in amazement as we watched the light show from our room.

HK Skyline


My mind was whizzing in disbelief – This is my new home!




Feeling absolutely starved we decided to head out and find some local cuisine. Fortunately, there was a shopping plaza not far from our apartment and we went straight for the Szechuan Restaurant.

“Everybody seems to be heading there, it must be great”.

Oh, those famous words! Sagar and I sat as we watched food being delivered to every table that arrived after us, wondering why nobody had even come to take our order. As our tummies grumbled more with impatience, we soon realised that people were raising their hands to get the waiters attention; reminding me of how we did at school when trying to get the teachers attention. New country, new customs… Here goes! I raised my hand and to much delight the waitress arrived. She wasn’t the best with English but we exchanged enough to order (what we thought we would enjoy) from the menu. Little did we know that everything would be so spicy!!!! If I recall rightly, we managed to enjoy one dish out of three (kung pow chicken – which we only ordered because Sagar had remembered seeing it in one of the restaurants at home! haha)



How did we get it so wrong? Why was everyone else ordering different things to us? So many questions and so much confusion along with a fuzzy, heavy jet lagged head. Yup, it was definitely time to hit the sack and as we settled in for the night we agreed that we were in for a long ride (or so we thought!) whilst settling into our new home, the 852.