Happy 3 months Hong Kong

Three months, a quarter of a year, 91.25 days to be precise… You know they say time flies when you’re having fun? Well it couldn’t be truer right now.

Three months ago we arrived as strangers in this place of bright lights, buildings on buildings, a concrete jungle. In the beginning, I couldn’t help but make comparisons to New York City; the density, the high rise buildings and the fast paced life to name a few. However, having spent three months here, I have learnt that Hong Kong is all the excitement of New York + MORE… It’s a place representing a strong culture, a beautiful history, all the dim sum and the most precious of all, natural beauty (and so much of it guys!! 😀 )

After having lived in The Big Apple, I know in my heart of hearts, that I am a city girl. There’s nothing like the sound of traffic, the buzz of a busy lifestyle, the rows of stores on fifth avenue to the amazing skyscrapers that inspire you to reach for those dreams. My favourite of them all being the Chrysler Building. Ugh, its all about the sparkles guys! It glistens by day and night and the art deco styled architecture coincides with everything which the city represents; a fashion capital. Every morning, I’d walk through Midtown on my way to work and I’d take a quick glance and admire its true beauty.

That being said, my time in Hong Kong has reminded me that even as a city girl, there will inevitably come a time when I will crave fresh air, some space to reflect on my mind, body and soul and to appreciate the nature that surrounds us. And ultimately this is one of the reasons I have fallen so madly in love with Hong Kong. Head over heels in fact! When that impending doom rides upon me, I don’t need to hop in a car and spend hours upon hours on a motorway to find my escape. Here in my new home, I can choose to take a scenic ride on the bus and within an hour reach Stanley, a picturesque and quaint seaside town located on a peninsula or I can hop on a ferry to Cheung Chau, a small island and a hidden gem located just southwest of Hong Kong Island.

Stanley Promenade
En route to the Vantage Point, Cheung Chau
Kwun Yam Wan Beach, Cheung Chau


I can even wake up on New Years Day and be talked into a ‘small hike’ around the Island which eventually turned into a three hour trek on the quite fittingly named ‘Treacherous Trail’ (Yes, with a hangover and all, I kid you not!) And albeit challenging (and almost killing me in the process!)…reaching the top of the peak in time to catch this breathtaking sunset made it so worth it 🙂

IMG_6895     IMG_6896

London will always have a piece of my heart but for now, I am embracing Hong Kong and the endless surprises it has to offer and for that I am beyond grateful.